Vehicular overpass for Diamond cancelled


By Devina Samaroo

Plans to construct the country’s first-ever vehicular overpass have been cancelled by the APNU+AFC government, forcing authorities to explore new ideas for additional road networks, according to Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson.

Hundreds of Guyanese residing in the Diamond/Grove housing area on the East Bank of Demerara, were looking forward to this major piece of modern infrastructure to relieve the traffic congestion, especially during morning and afternoon rush hours.

But Patterson, during a telephone interview with the News Room on Friday, explained that the construction of the overhead structure at the Diamond/Grove intersection could not have materialised since there was no space available for the overpass end.

“What had happened is that the areas where we were supposed to land the overpass, which were government reserves, were sold to a private individual by, I don’t know who, before we took office…I don’t know what possessed persons to sell it to private individuals,” Minister Patterson told New Room.

The area in question is where the M&M snackette has been constructed just at the head of the Diamond/Grove Housing Scheme. As a result, Patterson said the Ministry is examining the possibility of building another road leading into the scheme which has developed into a bustling hub for commercial and residential activities.

The possible site for the new route would be behind the GuyOil Gas Station, Patterson said.

“We’re looking to see if we can do (an additional road) there. We started looking at designs, checking to see the ownership of the lands and those things. So it’s in progress,” the Minister of Public Infrastructure said.

Meanwhile, works on the pedestrian overpasses have begun at the selected locations along the East Bank corridor.

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