Guyana must move away from the ‘curse’ of sugar, traditional sectors – President


President David Granger Friday evening described sugar and other traditional sectors the economy has depended on as a ‘curse’ and said new industries must be created to ensure that “our children have a future other than being cane cutters…”

“We will become a Green state and we will use the petroleum profits to develop the infrastructure, and develop the other requirements of our country,” the President declared.

President David Granger during his address to Guyanese at a reception on Friday night. [Ministry of the Presidency photo]
“We live under the curse of the six sisters.

“…Guyana has depended on sugar and rice, bauxite, gold diamonds, timber –  they have been faithful to us over the years but some of them are tired now.

“We need to diversity, we need to get away from the spell these sisters and ensure that our children have a future other than being cane cutters, our children have a future than felling timber.”

The President said that Guyana must go into new industries and he declared that “petroleum is going to be transformative from an economic point of view.”

“We have to ensure that people could become rich and prosperous like other countries.”

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