Broken Harbour Bridge causes accident, traffic congestion


A motorcyclist is now nursing several injuries and a driver is counting his losses after a “plate” on the Demerara Harbour Bridge (DHB) broke off at around 15:00hrs Tuesday.

According to the motorcyclist, Aggrey Halley, he was at the time heading to Georgetown when a truck, which was travelling in the opposite direction on the raised section of the bridge, caused a connecting post to break and one of the “plates” to become loose.

He told News Room that he ended up riding into the “raised plate” and fell off the motorcycle before rolling down the incline of the bridge.

He added that, “my bike (CG 1810) went flying straight into a canter, mash up the front of his vehicle.”

Officials from the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation met with the drivers and related that, “there are like pins that hold the bridge together that broke, leaving it unstable so anything pass, it was going up so that’s why they had to close off traffic.” It was also disclosed that this is not the first time that such an incident occured and drivers were compensated. however, it is the first time that a motorcycle is involved.

According to Halley, another meeting will be held with the officials on Wednesday, where compensation will be offered to the drivers.

The accident caused a huge build up of traffic along the East Bank and West Coast of Demerara for hours as the maintenance crew repaired the bridge.

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