Broomes visits parents of murdered Berbice boy


By Leroy Smith

Minister Simona Broomes this morning visited the parents and relatives of the 12-year-old Berbice boy, Leonard Archibald, who was sodomised and murdered.

The Minister’s visit was done on behalf of Minister of Social Protection Amna Ally.

The parents of the boy and other relatives expressed their profound appreciation to all the agencies, community members and other persons who have been reaching out to them.

Dead: Leonard Archibald

The child’s mother indicated that she has been trying to cope with the reality that her son is no more.

She said that at nights she has been “jumping” out of her sleep at the slightest sound, believing that her son has returned home.

Since the tragedy, the community appeared to have become a bit more close-knitted.

Many persons condemned the actions of the suspects, claiming that at least one of them was known to have molested children in the past.

However, several other sections of society condemned the community for knowing this fact but did little to protect Leonard and others in the community.

Earlier this week, Director of Children Services Ann Greene said that the child’s life could have been saved.

It has been claimed that several persons made reports to the police in the past, about one of the suspects molesting boys but those reports were not taken seriously.

However, today, a Police officer who spoke with Minister Broomes in the community, indicated that he personally checked the books at the Police station and found no evidence of similar reports being lodged against any of the two men.

Added to that, he claimed that despite the publicity that this case has received, no one reportedly assaulted by the men has come forward.

Three persons in the community have related their story of being molested, to the media and one recounted that a report was made to the police.

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