74 schools awarded for achieving 95% attendance rate


Seventy-four schools across the country were awarded today for achieving an overall attendance rate of 95 percent or above. The event was hosted at the National Cultural Centre.

The schools were awarded with the aim of improving the overall attendance rate by urging stakeholders to ensure that students are in school, a statement from the Education Ministry said.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry

Addressing the audience of teachers, students and Ministry of Education officials; Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry implored teachers, parents, communities and other stakeholders to play a meaningful role in ensuring that the nation’s children attend school regularly.  According to the statement, she urged teachers and their supporting staff to continue working to ensure schools are a fun and exciting place for children.

She said the correlation between good school attendance and successful professional careers cannot go unnoticed as well as the consequences of poor attendance.

Minister Henry told the gathering that the consequences of low attendance have a negative impact on communities and its members. She said those youths who are frequently absent from school are more likely to be involved in or be victims of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson

Also addressing the ceremony was Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson, who pointed out that good school attendance helps students to develop social skills which are vital as they prepare for the world of work and if they are not in school regularly, this cannot be achieved.

According to the statement, the CEO urged parents to play a meaningful role in this regard. He urged that parents impress upon their children the importance of education and how they would benefit in the long term.

The CEO called on schools to implement policies to further improve attendance in schools nationally.

Three schools, St Margret’s Primary, St Gabriel Nursery and St Stanislaus College received special awards for being the schools that would have had the most pupils with a 100 percent attendance rate.

The event was hosted as part of Education Month activities which is being observed under the theme: “Promoting wellness in Communities Through Quality Education”.

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