Head of Narcotics Dept. transferred following missing cocaine


By Leroy Smith

Superintendent Wayne DeHearte has been ordered transferred from the Guyana Police Force Narcotics Branch, effective Monday, October 03, 2017 as the probe deepens into the disappearance of almost four kilograms of cocaine from the Police Headquarters.

News Room was reliably informed that DeHearte would be posted to Berbice where he is likely to head a subdivision. The now missing cocaine was stored in a property room, which is accessible through DeHearte’s office and according to at least one source, other persons also have access to the general office, which leads to DeHearte’s. The cocaine was discovered missing on Tuesday, September, 26.

As a result of being the Head of the Guyana Police Force Narcotics Branch, DeHearte was not required to be dressed in uniform but with the transfer, he would now be required to do so.

The cocaine is connected to the case involving former policeman, Travis Mendonca, who was recently sentenced to three years in prison after almost four pounds of cocaine, was discovered stashed in a false bottom of his suitcase. A wanted bulletin was then issued for Delvor Bunbury, who allegedly supplied the cocaine to Mendonca, but Bunbury turned himself in on the day that the cocaine was discovered missing.

Prior to moving to the Guyana Police Force Narcotics branch, DeHearte held several senior positions within the ‘A’ Division. He also served in a senior capacity in the Police Force ‘D’ Division.

The Superintendent, who has been serving the Guyana Police Force for the past 14 years, is said to have an unblemished record. News Room also understands that since being in the force, no disciplinary action has ever been taken against him nor has he ever appeared before the court for any offence.

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