School cleaners to work 8-hour shift


A decision has been taken to scrap the six-hours cap which was placed on the working hours of school cleaners; according to the Ministry of Education, they will now be allowed to work a daily eight-hour shift.

This decision was taken by Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, during a meeting with sweeper/cleaners at the St Stanislaus College, to address their concerns on Friday,

According to a statement from the Ministry, the Minister also announced that the Sweeper/Cleaners will “now be paid for service provided during the school holiday since their services will be required.”

The Minister also assured that she will meet quarterly with their population to get feedback and to gauge if improvements are being made with regards to their working conditions and other issues that might be affecting them.

A number of other issues were raised by the school cleaners and the Minister has given the assurance that she will work to address them at the earliest possible time, the statement noted.

She told the gathering that while she will be able to address many of their issues shortly, she will not be able to address some of those expeditiously since it involves other government agencies and this will take some time.

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