Two caught minutes after robbery


Quick action by members of a police patrol from the Brickdam Police Station, resulted in the capture of two suspects, moments after they allegedly robbed three persons on Saturday night.

The News Room was told that the trio – two males and a female – left the Banks DIH Roof Garden on Brickdam at approximately 22:15hrs but were trailed by at least eight men, who surrounded them, ordered them to lie on the ground and robbed them.

They were robbed of $1100 and cellular phone. According to information reaching the News Room, a police patrol which was passing at the time was alerted of the robbery and went after the suspects, who ran in separate directions. However, the police managed to stay on the trail of two of the suspects, who were eventually caught 15 minutes after the robbery.

They gave their names as Navin Alli and Anthony Andricks. (Leroy Smith)

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