Industry man murdered by drunken neighbour


By Bibi Khatoon

A father of four was today murdered, allegedly by his drunk neighbour at his Lot 51, Industry home on the East Coast of Demerara following a heated argument.

Forty-three-year-old Bhagwan Ramadhar, who was employed at a body workshop in the area, was pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was struck in the head with a 2X4 piece of wood.

Senior Superintendent of Police and Commander of ‘C’ Division, Calvin Brutus, said that the suspect, Mahase Rajpaul is in police custody but still in a drunken state.

Senior Superintendent of Police and Commander of ‘C’ Division, Calvin Brutus

“He is still asking why he is at the station, he seems not to know why he is there but is in custody assisting. We’ve had statements from witnesses around, we’re awaiting on the post mortem report and then closing off the investigation,” Brutus told News Room.

Neighbours told News Room that Ramadhar and the suspect, are known for constantly arguing after consuming alcohol.

Rosalind Sukhnandan and Rita Sugrim, who spoke with News Room said the victim who is also called Allan, was a quiet individual, however, he had a drinking problem. The women disclosed that the residents of the suspect’s home are always drinking alcohol and engaging in arguments.

“Since he [the suspect] come there, you can’t rest in peace how them curse and drink rum and curse,” Sukhnandan said.

The suspect: Mahase Rajpaul.

She also recounted that Ramadhar was a quiet individual who gets along with everyone in the neighbourhood. The News Room was informed that Ramadhar was deported from the Toronto, Canada, some years ago and began living at the house in Industry owned by his mother.

It was also disclosed that two rooms at the home are being rented to two females, but neither was at home at the time of the incident. Ramadhar is the only son of his parents. His wife and children along with other relatives reside overseas.

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