Corentyne youth chopped to pieces, burnt in burial ground


By Royan Abrams

Detectives are on the scene investigating an incident in which a Corentyne labourer was reportedly chopped to pieces and burnt in a burial ground at #55 Village on the Corentyne Coast on Friday.

He has been identified as Mahendra Ghanie known as Azad, age 21.  News Room was informed that the young man left his home on Monday, October 2, at Bloomfield Village on the Corentyne to visit his employer at #55 Village, who owed him some money.

However, he was never seen or heard from since.  The News Room was told that persons in the area noticed large fire on Thursday in the vicinity of the #55 burial ground but did not take it seriously.

The man’s relatives were told about the fire when they visited the area to search for him. However, moments ago Detectives visited the area and recovered a cellular phone and skeletal remains at two locations where the fires were observed.

News Room was informed that the employer is presently in police custody assisting with investigations. More details will be provided in a subsequent report.

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