Father, teen son, employee confess to murder of Corentyne youth


By Royan Abrams

Swift action by ranks from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) in Berbice have led to the arrest of four persons, including a 14-year-old, who are accused of chopping to pieces and burning a 21-year-old Corentyne mason in a burial ground at # 55 Village.

Mother, 50-year-old Indranie Senanan
The home where the suspect resides

The police have so far recovered human remains suspected to be that of the missing young man, who has been identified as Mahendra Ghanie of Bloomfield Village, Corentyne Berbice. Police sources have confirmed that businessman, a block-maker, his  14-year-old son and the businessman’s employee have reportedly confessed to the brutal crime.

According to information received, Ghanie left his home on Monday after he was contacted by his employer, who resides at 55 Village and who had owed him some money. After leaving home, Ghanie was never heard or seen since.

His mother, 50-year-old Indranie Senanan told the News Room that her son left home at about 8:00hrs, and during the day, calls to his phone went unanswered. She recalled that she continued calling his phone throughout the day but it was futile.


The area where the remains of the 21 year old were found

On Tuesday, she informed other relatives that he was missing. News News Room understands that a report was made to the #51 police station but ranks there had provided little to no assistance to the family.


On Thursday, ranks along with Ghanie’s relatives had visited the home of his employer during which the suspects were observed acting in a suspicious manner. However, it was Fr

iday morning things took a turn for the worst when relatives combed the area and discovered the young man’s clothing and a hammock in the employer’s home and along the burial ground.

Further searches were conducted by relatives in the company of ranks of the CID, during which two heaps of debris were found and discovered to have human bones. This prompted the police to arrest the businessman, an employee and two of his sons.

Relatives also found a cellular phone belonging to Ghanie. Investigations are ongoing.

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