Man chopped to death, father hospitalised during fight over Gov’t reserves


By Leroy Smith

A man is dead and his father is nursing injuries as a result of a chopping incident at Cane Grove, East Coast Demerara on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Dead is Harrynarine Ramnawaj of 25 Estate Road, Cane Grove; his father, Rudolph Ramnawaj had two fingers severed during the incident.

According to information reaching the News Room, the elder Ramnawaj went to the police to report that a man was seen on a plot of land on which he farms. The plot of land is said to be government reserves.

After making the report, the man went home, picked up his son and armed himself with a pitchfork.

The two reportedly went to the plot of land where they confronted the suspect whose name was given as “Narine”. The three men had a confrontation and it was during that confrontation that the suspect chopped the junior Ramnawaj and then turned his attention to the father, where he severed two of the man’s fingers.

When the News Room visited the area today, we were told that the suspect is a trouble maker in the community and might have chopped someone in a similar fashion sometime last year.

Residents claimed that the suspect attempted to take control of the plot of reserve that the Ramnawaj family has been farming on for a few years.

Police Divisional Commander, Calvin Brutus who was on the scene, told the News Room that the suspect was captured and taken for medical attention as he too had visible signs of injuries. Investigations are ongoing.

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