Backbiting at NDC stalled Number 59 road repairs


The pothole on the Public Road at Number 59 Village, Corentyne has been fixed after a horrific accident that left five persons dead.

However, the road could have been fixed earlier were it not for the internal wrangling at the 52-74 Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC). The works were completed Tuesday afternoon by workers attached to the Community Roads Improvement Project.

The News Room was informed that need for road repairs was discussed at NDC meetings in the past, but the issue never reached the responsible authorities, namely the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, which is responsible for maintaining public roads across the country.

The scene of the accident in which five persons died

“This is an eye-opener for everybody because the government is getting a bad name as well as the NDC,” said Lakram Singh, an NDC Councilor.

Five persons died in the horrific accident on the Number 59 Village Public Road, Corentyne two Sundays ago.

Dead are 42-year-old Sabita Manglani, her 18-year-old son Emmanuel Manglani, her other son 5-year-old Ethan Ramjeet all of Lot 2 Second Street, Bel Air Village, Georgetown, an employee, Reshma Seeram and the driver of the motor car Dhanpaul Kishandayal were also killed in the accident.

According to reports, motorcar PPP 3394 was proceeding west along the number 59 Public Road on the Corentyne, allegedly at a fast rate, when the driver lost control of the car after it landed in the pothole. The car toppled several times before slamming into a paddy laden truck.

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