E-Networks launches mobile TV app, new TV packages


E-Networks Inc. – Guyana’s leading Cable TV provider – today announced exciting changes to its TV services, which include reduced pricing, flexible billing options, and the launch of a new mobile TV app.

According to a release from the company, on its original TV service, DreamTV Wireless, the line-up has been streamlined to three new packages: Lite, Preferred and Ultimate. These packages now offer more value to new and existing customers, with increased channels for reduced subscription fees. Existing customers will automatically see these reductions in their November bill. The company also made its adult channels add-on free of cost.

Customers also have the option of flexible billing. “This means that customers can opt out of their regular monthly bill and can instead choose to pay for either 15 days or 30 days of service at a time. With this, customers can access an unrivalled option in channels for as low as $999,” the release noted.

E-Networks also unveiled a new mobile app, DreamTV Mobile. Available on Google Play and iTunes as “E-Networks DreamTV,” the app allows subscribers to access a wide range of content from major networks from the convenience of their handheld devices, using an internet connection. E-Networks subscribers can download the app for free and for more help, can ​call 231-3890 or e-mail: [email protected]

Vishok Persaud, Managing Director of E-Networks, said: “E-Networks is committed to offering Guyanese an exceptional entertainment experience to suit any lifestyle and budget.”

DreamTV Wireless and DreamTV Mobile are two of the DreamTV suite of services, which also includes DreamTV Fiber. DreamTV Fiber offers a premium experience with high definition channels, the ability to rewind and record live TV, CatchUp TV and On Demand content.

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