PPP plans worldwide trips to raise concerns about appointment of GECOM Chair


Following the unilateral appointment of the GECOM Chairman, the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) has announced the establishment of an internal group to block possible ways the government can rig elections and its members will be traveling worldwide to raise their concerns about the country’s democracy being under threat.

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo told reporters during a news conference Wednesday that the Party is very concerned about the possibility of rigged elections and will be taking steps to thwart any attempts to weaken the democratic process through the establishment of the internal group.

“(The group) will look at all of the ways they can rig the elections and start blocking that. We have already been doing some of this working the PPP but now given this (development), it just brings heighten awareness to all that we are doing,” Jagdeo said.

He declined to name the persons who will comprise the group, noting only that the body is an internal one.

Jagdeo also disclosed that its members will be traveling to capital cities around the world to raise concerns about a possible threat to Guyana’s democracy.

London, Washington, Ottawa, and Brussels are among the places where the PPP will be visiting, the Party’s General Secretary stated.

He said the issues will also be raised with foreign diplomats here.

The former President maintained that the appointment of 84-year-old Justice James Patterson is unconstitutional.

He argued that President David Granger would fail miserably if he attempted to give reasons for rejecting the 18 nominees which were submitted, noting that they are all more qualified for the post.

Jagdeo said he suspects this is the reason President Granger is refusing to comply with the ruling of the Chief Justice (acting) Roxane George-Wiltshire to give reasons for the rejection of each nominee.

The Leader of the Opposition also criticised the appointment on several fronts, including the haste in which it was done and the integrity and impartiality of the new Chairman.

Meanwhile, Jagdeo clarified that the PPP will continue its participation in constitutional positions and in bodies where they can advocate for the interest of the people.

“So in the regions and the NDCs people were elected by their communities and they have to continue working and serving their communities … we will participate in all activities where we can expose the wrongdoings and corruption of this government.”

He said the PPP will attend the open session parliament to expose the “wrongdoings and corruption” but may withdraw participation from certain committees.

He explained that its noncooperation campaign will only extend to select forums.

“When Ministers go to the regions and they want our people to trail around and walk around with them – all of that ends. When Granger goes out now to the region, he will be faced with protest actions,” he guaranteed.



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