Police Corporal transferred after ‘unauthorised’ strip club raid


By Leroy Smith

The Police are trying to determine if a Police Corporal indeed took monies from a strip club to carry out a raid on a competitor at the weekend.

According to Police sources, Baroom Bar Strip Club is claiming that the operators of another strip club might have paid the officer to close off the night’s operations.

Senior police sources have told the News Room that the raid on the nightclub in question was not sanctioned and as such, it was unauthorised since no approval was given to the Police Corporal.

In an electronic recording sourced by the News Room, on the night of the operation at Baroom Bar, telephone contact was made with several senior officers within ‘A’ Division regarding an attempt by the Police Corporal and others with him to detain several women and take them to the station.

The News Room learnt that some of the women were suspected to be illegal in the country and may have been part of an illegal ring.

However, the operation to detain the women was aborted after the women, dressed in underwear only, claimed not to have any other clothes.

But the News Room has also learnt that the Police Corporal was reported to his superiors for allegedly taking $1 million from the owner of the Club to prevent him from taking the women to the station.

The ranks were also contemplating escorting the women down to the police station in their underwear but expressed second thoughts as they feared they could be photographed arresting the women inappropriately.

Senior Police sources are contending that this is not the first time that the very rank was fingered in other similar practices. Despite the presence of many ranks on the operation that night, the Force moved to only transfer the Police Corporal to the Mounted Branch while the other ranks are being questioned.

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