Abusive Cop found guilty


Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Frank Thompson, who was recorded verbally abusing a junior rank, was on Monday found guilty of the offence and fined $15,000 or seven days imprisonment by Magistrate Fabayo Azore.

Thompson, after almost three months on trial, was convicted of using abusive language to Police Constable Leandre Gillis on February 22, 2017, at Broad Street, Georgetown.

According to reports, on the day in question, Constable Gillis was on patrol duties at Broad Street, Charlestown, when he was stopped by Hemchand Budhai, who reported to him that ASP Thompson’s vehicle had crashed into his vehicle which at the time had occupants.

Constable Gillis then accompanied Budhai to the scene. It is alleged that ASP Thompson, upon seeing Budhai approaching him, started to use a series of indecent expressions towards him and threatened to kill him and the other occupants in the vehicle. The court further heard that after Constable Gillis told Thompson of the allegation made by Budhai, Thompson then asked the junior rank, “what the (expletive) you gon’ do about it?”

According to the police reports, when being questioned by the junior rank with regard to the accident, the senior rank apparently became abusive towards Budhai and the Police Constable.

The ASP reportedly told the junior cop: “You know me? Eh? Find out ‘bout me. If me had it me way, you won’t be a (expletive) recruit…Find out ‘bout me. Call ‘A’ Division. I would murder you (expletive) on the ground hey.”

A video of the incident went viral on social media.

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