$23M for internet service at Kato Secondary School


As government moves to connect all hinterland schools with internet service, some $23M has been awarded to IMON Wireless Solutions Inc to provide connectivity to the Kato Secondary School for a year.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon announced, at this week’s Post-Cabinet press briefing, that the provision of internet service to the Kato Secondary School is part of an ongoing programme to allow schools all across the country to get updated with the digital age.

The service will also be provided to secondary schools located in Mabaruma, Port Kaituma, Santa Rosa, Aishalton, Lethem, Annai, Paramakatoi, Waramadong, Kwakwani, Mahdia, and Bartica.

“These schools in the hinterland are outside of the government’s e-network reach and require service providers to connect them by way of broadband satellite services,” Harmon explained.

The Minister noted that the service providers are selected through a public tendering process.

He said these services had to be outsourced because the e-governance network is presently unable to have such a far reach.

“We cannot delay the provision of internet services to the students of the hinterland because that project hasn’t reached them as yet,” he said.


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