Businesswoman held at gunpoint, robbed of Allion motorcar


In a brazen daylight robbery on Saturday, November 04, 66-year-old Ryhaan Shah was held at gunpoint and pulled out of her Silver Grey Allion Motorcar (PLL 1127) seconds after she turned on her bridge at Irving Street, Georgetown.

News Room understands that the armed robbery occurred at approximately 13:20hrs, and even though the businesswoman fell to her knees and screamed for help, passersby and other drivers who were at the traffic light in front her house did not budge.

According to reports reaching News Room, three men, one of whom was armed with a black handgun, surrounded Shah’s car as she arrived home, pulled her out of the vehicle, scrambled the keys from her and escaped with the car and her personal items which were inside. The men were not masked.

In addition to losing her $4M car, Shah also lost her Blu cellular phone valued $10,000, G$15,000 in cash, groceries and documents, including her driver’s license and national identification card.

No one has been arrested and the car has not been found.

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