‘Suspect wanted to kill the entire family’ – relatives of murdered Sophia youth


Relatives of 24-year-old Jamal Munroe who succumbed to his injuries after being shot on Friday night (November 03, 2017), are claiming that the suspect intended to kill the entire family.

Munroe was shot several times by 19-year-old Mark Ferral at Black and White Bridge, ‘C’ Field Sophia, Greater Georgetown. Ferral is said to be on the run. A police report detailed that the two men had an argument over a 32-year-old female, who a shopkeeper of ‘D’ Field, Sophia and the girlfriend of Munroe.

Munroe’s Sister-in-Law, contacted the News Room after the story was published and gave a different version of what took place. The Sister-in-Law recounted that the misunderstanding was sparked over a lost phone. However, according to reports, the suspect and the victim share a long-standing feud over a gambling board.

Henry told News Room that her sister, Olivia Henry was at a shop at D’ Field, Sophia with friends on Thursday, (November 02, 2017) when her phone was misplaced. Thereafter, the proprietor of the shop reviewed his cameras and saw the phone being retrieved by the suspect. It is alleged that the woman asked him for the phone but he denied having it in his possession.

The police were called in and the suspect was taken into custody along with his mother and subsequently released with the understanding that they will return along with Olivia Henry to collect the phone from the police on Saturday.

According to the sister-in-law, the suspect along with his family members began harassing her sister and brothers.

“The boy mother chuck my sister, burst up she mouth, burst up ma niece mouth.”

She related that the family received phone calls warning them to beware but her response was “the police done solve the matter, we ain’t ‘dig’ nothing.”

On the night of the incident, she recalled that a gang, including the suspect, pounced on the family and started to fire shots indiscriminately.

“Me brother out on the road going and do he own thing, them boys in the yard playing music doing normal thing, me hear me brother hollering ‘y’all run, y’all run’…only the boy and he mother we know, them rest of people who come with them guns, we ain’t even know…is we whole family they did coming to wipe out because is we house they come, but by they catch me brother first, they start firing shots and me brother-in-law [Munroe] run out…and he [Munroe] get shoot and them rest get away.”

“Is you own thing these people thieving and when you try to get it back, them want kill you,” she added.

According to reports, the gun used during the ordeal was owned by a security firm with which the suspect’s mother, Deborah Caesar works. She was subsequently arrested for taking home the .32 pistol.

Munroe was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital and succumbed to his injuries while being treated.

The report in the press also alleged that Ferral was previously stabbed by Munroe, who himself was charged with several armed robberies in the past. Additionally, he is also stated to be the brother of Troybon Munroe, who was shot and killed at Liliendaal after he allegedly tried to rob a businesswoman who was travelling from the Eugene F. Correia International Airport on August 29, 2017.

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