Cop under close arrest for allegedly attempting to poison colleague


By Leroy Smith

A police intelligence rank was placed under close arrest as investigations continue into an alleged attempt to poison a female Police Constable by slipping carbon tablets into her beverage.

Both ranks are stationed at ‘A’ Division and are reportedly involved an intimate relationship. News Room understands that sometime last week, the female rank visited the home of the male rank and observed a bag with a huge amount of money and other items.

She questioned him and he reportedly confided in her that the cash and items were as a result of a corrupt practice following a recent raid at a nightclub. The female rank, who was also on that operation, reportedly told the intelligence rank that she will inform a senior officer about the money.

Shortly after, it is alleged that the rank gave her something to drink, which she sipped and observed that it had a strange taste; she decided to throw the contents in another glass and it was there that she found a suspicious substance at the bottom of the glass.

She reportedly questioned the rank about the contents inside the glass and thinking that she had drunk enough of it, the male rank admitted that it was poison.

Some two weeks ago, a police operation was carried out a nightclub in the city where another intelligence rank was accused of taking $1M to release some women who were suspected to have been in the country illegally.

The male rank under close arrest was reportedly keeping the money for his colleague but he decided to make a few purchases with the money.

Armed with that information, the female rank reportedly urged the man to wash his hands from the dirty money and inform their superior and after he was reluctant to do so, she decided that she was going to spill the beans.

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