Young Teacher dies with twin sister at bedside


Police have confirmed that 22-year-old Kescia Branche died at the Georgetown Public Hospital this evening, two days after she was found unconscious on the Louisa Row and Princes Street roadway.

News Room understands that the young teacher did not regain consciousness and died with her twin sister at her bedside, who arrived in Guyana this morning.

Branche, a Teacher at the Richard Ishmael Secondary School and the mother of a 3-year-old boy was unconscious at the Georgetown Public Hospital with severe head injuries and a broken leg; she was hooked up to a life support machine.

Prior to the incidents which lead to her being found on the roadway, the teacher was seen partying with friends at the Seeta’s Bar in Station Street, Kitty. Following that she left and went over to the Blue Martini Night Club where she hung out with a middle-aged man.

Persons reported seeing her being touched inappropriately by the man and she also appeared to have been under the influence. Persons who are familiar with the activities of Kescia on Saturday night into Sunday morning said that when she left Seeta’s Bar, she was alert.

Surveillance footage also captured her leaving the night club with two uniformed police ranks. See the previous story here:

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