City to be flood-free this Christmas – M&CC


Even with several pumps down, City Hall is promising that the capital city will not be faced with any severe cases of flooding this holiday season.

Sections of Georgetown were on Tuesday flooded after heavy overnight and early morning downpours.

By afternoon, however, most of the floodwater had receded. With the rainy season upon us, the heavy showers are expected to be consistent but City Hall is confident in its ability to alleviate the usual floods.

Acting Town Clerk Sharron Munroe told News Room that the main pumps and sluices are in operation.

Deputy Town Clerk,
Sharron Munroe

“We have two (pumps) down but the major ones are working and it is expected that they would have the water recede in no time,” she explained.

The major pumps are located at Liliendaal, Riverview and Kingston, according to the Acting Town Clerk.

Munroe, whose substantive position is Deputy Town Clerk, said City Hall is working to address the issues with the inoperable pumps this week.

She said if residents experience flooding for more than one day, they can contact the Mayor and City Council for assistance and relief.

“Maybe some residents would have some amounts of water within their yards or areas but it is expected that those waters will recede in a timely manner that will not cause lots of flooding. However, if anyone would experience any amount of flooding, once they would have brought it to our attention, we would likely work on it and we will also, where possible, involve our other ministries where we can get assistance from,” she explained.

Munroe said M&CC has been receiving maximum assistance from the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the Ministry of Communities.

“So we would collaboratively ensure that Georgetown remains flood free,” she promised.

Historically, Georgetown is prone to flooding but it has not experienced any severe cases for the last two years.

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