Four cops detained as probe widens into teacher’s death


By Leroy Smith

As the police await the results of a post-mortem report into the death of 22-year-old Kescia Branche, the police have arrested a total of four policemen as the investigation continues.

CCTV footage, telephone records and statements of colleagues are all being reviewed by detectives as they seek to bring closure to the circumstances surrounding the death of Branche, a mother of a 3-year-old boy and a teacher of the Richard Ishmael Secondary School.

The teacher was found lying in an unconscious state on November 05, 2017 along the roadway of Louisa Row and Princes Street. She was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she remained on life support until her death Tuesday evening.

In new details emerging as the investigation continues, detectives were told by Constable Fraser, who was placed under close arrest, that he and Constable Wilson were on duty and rode up to the Martini Nightclub on Lamaha Street and saw the woman standing outside.

“What a beautiful woman like you doing out here so late?” one of the ranks remarked before Constable Fraser offered the woman a drop but she refused to take the drop from Fraser but opted to ride with Constable Wilson to a Barbeque joint on Mandela Avenue.

The News Room was told that after Constable Fraser left to go and use the restroom, he returned to find that Constable Wilson had abandoned his motorcycle and he and the young teacher were nowhere to be seen.

When Constable Wilson finally showed up, he stated that he went to take the young woman to catch a taxi on Sheriff Street, after purchasing the Barbeque. Constable Wilson was eventually taken into custody on Tuesday night after showing up for duty.

Two other ranks were also taken into custody after phone records found that Constable Wilson made a number of telephone calls to them during the period that Constable Fraser was using the restroom.

News Room understands that all four of the ranks were on duty at the time and they breached the standing operating procedures when they left the general Newtown area and end up on Mandela Avenue.

At the moment the police are continuing their review of several CCTV cameras along the path the ranks claimed to have ridden on Sunday morning, hours before the woman was found lying unconscious on the roadway.

A very senior police source also confirmed that the gentleman who was seen touching the young teacher inappropriately in the nightclub also remains in police custody.

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