US$12.2M project to help school leavers get jobs, set up businesses


The Education Ministry today launched a programme designed to help school leavers gain skills that would make it easy for them to secure jobs or start their own business.

Funded by the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) at a cost of US$12,252,000, the Skills Development and Employability Project was launched at the Pegasus Hotel.

One of the speakers at the ceremony, Dr Idamay Denny, Portfolio Manager of the Social Sector Division at CDB noted the project builds from the first Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) programme. She explained that “this particular initiative was aimed at a TVET financing strategy and a gender-responsive TVET Communication strategy anticipated to increase enrolment and promote the participation of both sexes in non-traditional areas of TVET.”

She further pointed out that the project will also review how young people with special education needs are provided for in the system.

Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson disclosed that the program will first be piloted in seven Secondary Schools and learning centres across the country. Those participating Schools will be able to now implement the award of the Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) certification in five subject areas.

Hutson added that “A successful implementation of this project will among other things, support the Ministry of Education, the Secondary Competency Certificate Programme…that starts from Grade 9 from which students will transition to completing the CVQ 1 in a specific elective of their choice.”

The pilot schools will be Fellowship Practical Instruction Centre in Region Three, the Beterverwagting Practical Instruction Centre in Region Four, the Hopetown Practical Centre in Region Five, the North West Secondary School in Mabaruma, Region One, the Bartica Secondary School’s Practical Instruction Department in Regino Seven, the Mahdia Secondary in Regino Eight and the St Ignatius Secondary School in Region Nine; in requested practical areas.

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