Interpersonal violence remains unacceptably high – Women Lawyers


The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) on Saturday expressed its concern over the recent spates of violence perpetrated against women and children.

The Association, in a press statement, said it seems to be a norm to be apprised several times a week of violence being experienced and perpetrated on persons in most dramatic and heinous ways.

“Examples that may be identified are: the death of the teenager Leonard Archibald and the alleged surrounding circumstances; the tragic beating death of a school teacher; and alleged shooting – suicide by a young policeman,” GAWL said.

Young Archibald was raped and later killed by known child molesters; the school teacher, Kescia Branche was found unconscious on a street corner and she subsequently died whilst receiving medical attention; and a young policewoman, Shanice Fraser was allegedly shot and injured by her police boyfriend.

GAWL lamented that some members of society appear to have become so intemperate towards each other as if intending to outdo each other to paint as terrible an image as possible and inflict maximum pain on the victim.

“The apparent increase in such a trend suggests that there may be an awakening or existence of a disturbing psyche that no longer values human life nor cares to have one’s behaviour checked by the fear and likelihood of being caught and prosecuted,” the statement said.

While the GAWL recognises the efforts of the authorities to curb crime, it said interpersonal violence remains unacceptably high and its symptoms must be addressed.

“We urge our fellow Guyanese citizens to be more vigilant and caring about the other person.   Be aware of issues which may be affecting children as it is incumbent on the adults to protect them,” the group said.

GAWL said in keeping with their motto of “Women Supporting Justice and Equality”, it stands ready to provide support to any initiatives which would help to address this disturbing trend, whether governmental in nature, or otherwise.

GAWL said it is eager to assist in being part of the solution and will continue its programmes in educating the public throughout the country as it has been doing for the past 30 years.

“It is important that there be decisive action.  We all have to see what part can be played to reduce this disturbing trend which is taking hold of our society,” the Association said.

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