‘Stop overloading your trucks’ – GGDMA urges Trucking Services


The Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners Association (GGDMA) is urging users of hinterland roads to desist from overloading their trucks as it causes major damages to the roadways during the rainy season.

In a statement on Tuesday, the association noted that when the roads become deplorable, there is more downtime and increase in operations cost to miners and other hinterland road users, who will be forced to pay double to have their fuel and other supplies delivered to their camps.

“Additionally, many of our miners’ trucks and other equipment are being severely damaged due to these deplorable roads. This once again puts additional financial pressure on the miner as unnecessary maintenance cost,” the GGDMA said.

The association also called on the Government to enforce the established Road Users Agreement which stipulates and monitors the weight restrictions for trucks/vehicles transporting fuel and other supplies at key points such as Linden and Bartica.

It is also urging the trucking services to adhere to the Agreement “so that the current repairs and maintenance that is being carried out by the Government will be of a long-term benefit to miners and all hinterland road users.”

Gold and Diamond mining continues to be the main economic driver of development in Guyana and safe, reliable and efficient passenger and cargo services are critical to the success of mining operations, the GGDMA pointed out.

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