All suspects in Kescia Branche investigation released


By Leroy Smith

As the investigations continue into the discovery, hospitalisation and death of 22-year-old Kescia Branche, all of those who were being grilled intensively over the last ten days have been released from custody.

The first person who was released on bail and who is required to keep visiting the police station on specific days was the man who Branche was with at a nightclub; this is the same man who eyewitnesses said was touching her inappropriately hours before she went missing.

The father of her 3-year-old son, who was also picked up by the police for questioning last week was released on Tuesday. It is unclear how much bail he was granted but the News Room understands that he too is expected to continue visiting the police station on specific days.

Four police ranks, who were placed under close arrest, have been released from that level of detention; it was said that they were in contact with Branche the same morning she was last seen alive. The constables, who continue to perform their duties, are operating out of the Tactical Services Unit.

The release of the suspects brings to bear the clear indication that the Guyana Police Force is not sure who the prime suspect or suspects are in the death of the young mother.

Over the last two weeks, the probe kept the police on their toes. Now the trail of the prime suspect seems to be getting cold and the police are expected to now regroup and come again in an effort to solve the case.

At this point in time, there is no clear indication that the taxi driver had any part to play in relation to what happened to Branche on that fateful morning. Branche was found in an unconscious state on the morning of November 5 and subsequently died without regaining consciousness at the Georgetown Public Hospital. A post-mortem showed that she died of haemorrhaging due to blunt trauma to the head.

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