Cop fingered in murder of ‘Saga’; reportedly provided gun for the job


By Leroy Smith

The murder of 64-year old businessman Godfrey Scipio called “Saga” was reportedly ordered by a member of the Guyana Police Force who was paid to recruit a killer for the job and to make it look like a robbery.

This is the new information which Detectives of the Criminal Investigations Department’s Major Crime Unit received on Wednesday from the man who was recently charged and is on remand for the murder.

Scipio was killed on October 12, 2017, in Kitty, Georgetown minutes after he exited a popular hotel with a female companion.

News Room was reliably informed that the 26-year-old accused, Aubrey Bobb told Detectives that he was hired by a male Police Corporal to kill the popular businessman. Bobb also alleged that in the past, he did several illegal jobs with the Corporal; he also claimed that he shared a sexual relationship with the cop.

Murder accused: Aubrey Bobb

News Room was told that the accused told Detectives that he never enjoyed the sexual encounters but that the cop pressured him to commit the act on him. He also told Detectives that he would often sell marijuana for the Corporal who would then give him a “raise.”

This news entity was informed that Bobb admitted to the murder but noted that he only did the “job” because the Corporal promised to no longer have sex with him or force him to sell marijuana.

News Room understands that it was Bobb who reached out to Detectives through prison officials after he informed them that he wanted to share information about ‘Saga’s’ murder. Bobb reportedly instructed the prison officers to contact the ranks at the Criminal Investigations Department since he was not comfortable speaking with the ranks who would have initially handled the investigation in ‘A’ Division.

The information was communicated to the police and systems were put in place to facilitate the interview. Bobb was taken to the Criminal Investigations Department where he provided the police with a detailed account of events which led to the murder of the businessman.

He told Detectives that the gun which he used to commit the murder was provided by the Police Corporal; he also informed them of the location that he and the Corporal met to discuss the plan and why it should look like a robbery.

The suspect did not tell Detectives on whose behalf the Police Corporal was acting as that information was never communicated to him.

News Room was informed that the same Police Corporal at the center of this scandal was recently transferred from his regular duties to another section of the force after he was accused of engaging in an unprofessional course of action during a police operation.

Meanwhile, when contacted on Wednesday evening, Director of Prisons, Gladwin Samuels said that a Prisoner was scheduled to be interviewed by the police but he could not say if that interview was done.

He, however, clarified that such interviews are not conducted at the prisons but rather at the police environment.

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