Cop fingered in ‘Saga’ murder says allegations are a setup by police elements


By Leroy Smith

The Police Corporal, who has been fingered in the murder of 64-year-old businessman Godfrey Scipio known as “Saga” has sought to clear his name and alleged that there are elements within the Guyana Police Force who are out to discredit him.

Police Corporal Dorwin Eastman spoke to the media today, Thursday, November 16, 2017, outside of the Brickdam Police Station, moments before he turned himself over to Detectives, following allegations from murder accused, Aubrey Bobb that he ordered him [Bobb] to kill Scipio.

Scipio was killed on October 12, 2017, in Kitty, Georgetown minutes after he exited a popular hotel with a female companion.

Corporal Eastman, who was awarded ‘Best Cop’ in the force several times in the past, said he has information of two named Police Inspectors whom he claimed stated that they will help persons to craft statements against him.

“I came out of the training institution in February 2013 and I became a part of the Intelligence Department that said year on May 17 of the said year and on that first night I found my very first firearm and ever since then I have had no turning back. I was best cop in 2013, runner-up in 2014, best [divisional] cop in 2015, runner-up in the force in 2015, I was given nothing in 2016 and here it is now I see myself as one of the top performers again that contending for that accolade,” Eastman told the media.

Dead: Godfrey Scipio known as “Saga”

Eastman, who is stationed at the Brickdam Police Station, was escorted to the Criminal Investigations Department after he turned himself into the police. Another police rank is under close arrest as the investigation into the death of “Saga” continues and according to Corporal Eastman, ever since that rank was taken into custody, the police have been attempting to make him vulnerable to the very people he has been fighting over the last five years to keep off the streets in an effort to make the country safe.

“Last Wednesday when they detained one of the ranks they took away my firearm, they took away my bulletproof vest, and they took away my cell phones. I got back my vest the next day, I got back the firearm the Friday and then on Tuesday last I received back my cell phones so I don’t know where all of this is coming from now,” the embattled Corporal told the press.

News Room was reliably informed that the 26-year-old accused, Aubrey Bobb told Detectives that he was hired by the Police Corporal to kill the popular businessman. Bobb also alleged that in the past, he did several illegal jobs with the Corporal; he also claimed that he shared a sexual relationship with the cop.

News Room was told that the accused told Detectives that he would often sell marijuana for the Corporal who would then give him a “raise.” This newscast was also informed that Bobb admitted to the murder but noted that he only did the “job” because the Corporal promised to no longer have sex with him or force him to sell marijuana.

Murder accused: Aubrey Bobb

Today, the Police Corporal said that he saw reports in the press about the development and although he was not named, he became suspicious after ranks showed up at his house in search of him while he was not there.

The Corporal spoke of why he believes the accused in the murder is implicating him in the crime.

“The said suspect [Bobb], I have arrested that individual three times, once he was arrested for a robbery which he came out in July of this year, apart from that robbery, I arrested him sometime before that murder allegedly took place for an incident which they alleged that he discharged a loaded firearm on the seawalls and also I played a part in effecting the arrest for him on the night in question that he was arrested for the Saga murder,” Corporal Eastman said.

Flasback: Police Corporal Dorwin Eastman receives his Best Cop award from Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud

Eastman said he is not familiar with the suspect outside of his policing duties. The cop said that he is willing and ready to have a confrontation with his accuser at any point.

Had all gone well, Eastman would have been under close arrest since on Wednesday but according to him, although he saw a message instructing him to report to the CID headquarters, he could not since he was slated to testify in court and after that, he went home.

Meanwhile, the police rank was asked about his involvement or knowledge of members of the force being involved in criminal activities, such as trailing persons from city banks.

“As it relates to the involvement of Intel ranks participating in those types of activities I have no idea. I have never come across any such allegations and this is the first time when I read it in the newspaper this morning. That is a total fabrication as it relates to the Intel ranks of the force.”

Asked why he believes there is a bigger plan in the force to discredit him, Corporal Eastman told the media that it has to do with his unwavering approach to solving crimes.

“That may have something to do with my professionalism and the manner in which I go about doing my duties. Whenever my duty calls, whoever it calls for me to arrest, I arrest. The day in question when Saga was murdered, I was at court giving evidence in a narcotics matter and to date also I should have been in court for that… is a firearm matter in relation to a seasoned criminal who in the past would have had had a dozen robbery charges. For the short time that I have seen myself in the Guyana Police Force, I see myself as one of the most successful police when it comes to effecting arrests and conducting and executing of my duties.”

He concluded that over the years he has been endangering his life and that of his family by virtue of the functions he performs as a member of the force.

“At night, I have my sisters when they work I have to put systems in place for people to pick them up to take them home. Just two nights ago, my sister received a call from someone saying that they are all dead and because of this situation. I am here because I am fearful for my life, I am fearful for my entire family life. I have a force issued firearm and that is why I chose to turn myself in too because I don’t want the police to corner me and then do things to me and then say that I retaliated to them so that is why I decided to turn myself into them in the company with my family,” Corporal Eastman told the media.

He has since engaged several lawyers to assist him in the matter as he is sure that the police would be marching him to the court steps.

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