Marian Academy badminton champions crowned


The three category champions of the Marian Academy Primary and Secondary School badminton tournament were crowned this week following the end of the annual competition at the school’s auditorium.

Vikash Mootoo won the Secondary School Boys Singles final, beating Matthew Beharry 21-18; Reba Ramlall defeated Sacha Parmanand 21-15 to win the Secondary School Girls Singles title; while Ruel Rambirichie won the Primary School Boys Singles trophy after pipping Nikhil Sookraj 11-6.

Below are the summarised scores from the games played.

QUARTER-FINALS: Secondary School Boys Singles

Pumshotam Balgobin defeated Rasheed January: 21-18

Shemroy Holder defeated Shaquain Sawh: 22-20

Matthew Beharry defeated John Wang: 21-7

SEMI-FINALS: Secondary School Boys Singles

Vikash Mootoo defeated Pumshotam Balgobin: 21-5

Matthew Beharry defeated Shemroy Holder: 21-10

FINAL: Secondary School Boys Singles


Vikash Mootoo defeated Matthew Beharry: 21-18

SEMI-FINALS: Secondary School Girls Singles

Sacha Parmanand defeated Elesa Sangster: 21-8

Reba Ramlall defeated Amelia Balram: 21-6

FINAL: Secondary School Girls Singles

Reba Ramlall defeated Sacha Parmanand: 21-15


QUARTER-FINALS: Primary School Boys Singles

Nikhil Sookraj defeated Alek Ubaldo-Singh: 11-3

Rahul Balram defeated Narayan Goodridge: 11-9

Ruel Rambiriche defeated Jared Bird: 11-6

Tejasvarun Kandavel defeated Nandram Lall: 11-9

SEMI-FINALS: Primary School Boys Singles

Nikhil Sookraj defeated Rahul Balram: 11-1

Ruel Rambiriche defeated Tejasvarun Kandavel: 11-3

FINAL: Primary School Boys Singles

Ruel Rambiriche defeated Nikhil Sookraj: 11-6

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