City Hall fails to pay employees’ NIS, other dues – Union


While the City Council has been able to pay its employees for the month of October with monies garnered from its amnesty, the Guyana Local Government Officers Union (GLGOU) said the Council has failed to pay monies deducted from workers’ salaries to various agencies.

Vice President of the Union, Dexter Simpson told News Room that monies are not being remitted to the Credit Union, the Guyana Revenue Authority and the National Insurance Scheme even though the monies are deducted from the earnings of the employees.

As it relates to the Credit Union, Simpson noted that “those monies are being remitted from our salaries from since the month of May but so far we were made to understand that no money has not been paid from since May. And you know around this time, the workers need their little benefits, little loans.”

Vice President of the Union, Dexter Simpson

Simpson said retroactive monies are owed to workers for 2015, 2016 and 2017 and visits to the NIS disclosed that his remittances were not paid for several years.

“Last week I been at the NIS and I receive a statement in relation to my NIS contribution and I was shock that years were missing…like 2015, you might find 2017 missing, 2014 missing and they might end up paying a 2016 money,” the Vice President stated.

He noted that a letter will be dispatched to the council shortly to have the issues ironed out.

Workers from the Public Health, Engineer, Market and the Treasury Departments of City Hall represented by the Guyana Local Government Officers Union protested on Thursday and Friday over the non-payment of monies for October.

Their action saw workers receiving their monies on Friday last. It was disclosed that the monies used to pay staff was garnered from businesses via an ongoing amnesty.

The Amnesty, a proposal made by Finance Chairman at the Council, Oscar Clarke, was approved on November 15 by the Council and will run until December 15 aiming to cover payments for the remainder of the year.

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