Security Guard robbed at gunpoint at Mc Doom


Police are investigating the armed robbery committed against 47-year-old Jitendra Ketwaroo on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

News Room understands that Ketwaroo was walking along the Rome Access Road, Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara heading to Doosan Company, where he works as a Security Guard, during which two men on BMX bicycles– armed with a gun and a knife – pounced on him from behind.

He was robbed of his Blu cell phone, $80,000 cash, a haversack and his spectacles. Ketwaroo told the police that while walking, he felt a ‘chuck’ and fell on his back when he saw the two men standing over him.

According to the Security Guard, they told him to hand over his money and phone to which he told them he doesn’t have any; it was at this time that one of the men pulled out a “black handgun” and the other brandished a knife.

They searched the victim’s pocket, relieved him of his valuables and escaped on the same road. Investigations are ongoing.

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