‘You are very slack!’ – Bishops’ HM berates female students for not defending Teacher involved in sex scandal


Headmistress of the Bishops’ High School, Winifred Ellis has reportedly chastised female students at the public school for not “defending” a teacher who is accused of having sexual relations with multiple students.

The Headmistress’ alleged diatribe against the female students took place on Monday morning (November 20) during an assembly and it was recorded by students, who released it to the media.

In the recording, which News Room has a copy of, the Headmistress reportedly said: “”Do you know Mr. [name of teacher]? I want to see the hands…if you felt uncomfortable at any time, step out the line. If he ever touched you and you tell me, step out of the line.”

“Y’all saw it on FB right? Y’all know what I talking about right. Can you corroborate that story?… I didn’t see any of you going and defend him on this story. Not one…Don’t lie. Tell the truth!”

The Head Teacher also sought to blame the female students for the actions of the teacher in question.

In the recording, she reportedly said: “I remember once I am coming down the corridor and I had to step back and ask a child to close her legs. A male teacher is teaching.”

“How many times I telling y’all, don’t touch the boys. Don’t touch the boys. How much times I am standing at my office door and when y’all see me y’all running inside cause you hugging and touching the boys? You are very slack. Very loose with youself.”

News Room first reported on Monday that the Ministry of Education is investigating the 39-year-old teacher, following a complaint filed against him by Cultural Policy Advisor at the Ministry of Social Cohesion, Ruel Johnson.

In the letter of complaint, Johnson detailed numerous reports he received from present and past students of the teacher, who allegedly sexualized his lessons, had inappropriate conversations with female students and engaged in multiple sexual relationships with female students. Johnson has so far compiled a list of approximately 30 victims.

The teacher has been employed at Bishops’ High School for the past ten years and according to Johnson, there is a massive cover-up of the complaints at the school.

Johnson made it clear that he has no confidence in the school administration to internally deal with the issue at any level.

“The most disturbing pattern concerns his tenure at the Bishops’ High School, where he has been for at least ten years. Not only do most of his victims seem to come from this institution but I have received multiple reports, some posted publicly on social media, that accusations of harassment and predation by [name provided] have been systematically met by mockery, disapproval, and even condemnation by the school administration”, Johnson wrote.

As such, Johnson has recommended to Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson that an inquiry is held into the treatment of student complaints made to the administration of the Bishops’ High School, specifically with regards to the teacher’s behavior as well as any other teacher who engaged in similar activity.

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