More victims speak out as sex allegations mount against Bishops’ teacher


Two former students of the Bishops’ High School, who prefer to remain anonymous, have shared their story with the News Room of how they were targeted by embattled Teacher, Coen Jackson, who is accused of preying and having sex with his students.

The first young lady, who now resides out of Guyana, recalled an incident seven years ago when she was in lower sixth form. She said she was in his economics class when he collected the telephone numbers of his students and one day he sent her an “inappropriate” text message and even offered to take her virginity.

“He offered to take my virginity at some point and kept asking to meet but my parents were very strict so I was never in a position out of school to be messed with,” the young lady told News Room.

According to the young woman, while at the Bishops’ High School, Jackson asked her to assist him with School-Based Assessments (SBAs) in the Computer Lab, during which he opened an SBA on her lap.

“I was uncomfortable but before anything happened, a teacher came in and said she will help him that I can go…He kept texting me after that but I didn’t pay attention to him and he finally stopped. He started texting my friend the next week and I told her he said the same to me so she shut him down too,” the young lady recalled.

The other victim, who lives in Guyana, recalled an incident that occurred two years ago at the same school when she was 16-years-old. She said that Jackson asked her the date of her birthday when she was in the fourth form; she told him it will be in the month of May. She then alleged that Jackson did not speak to her again until May.

In detailing the events, the young lady said Jackson returned to the school after his legs were broken to “fix SBAs.” She said he was in the lower 6 Arts Class and was calling the students one by one since he couldn’t move much because of his legs.

The still traumatised young lady detailed what occurred when she went into the room: “So when I was talking, he was showing me something, I couldn’t see properly, then he held my head and kissed me. I pulled away, I told him to stop and I pushed him away. He put his hands up my skirt and pulled me back, held me down and grabbed my ass. I still have a vivid picture of everything that took place.”

She said she collected her SBA and left the room.

“I wanted to go home, I wanted to shower. I still felt his hands on me. It’s not easy.”

The same night, she claimed that Jackson sent her this text: “I thought you were ready, but I guess I was wrong.”

She continued to attend his lessons and he would allegedly send her inappropriate text messages: “I just wanna skin your legs open and f&** you on the teacher’s table.”

“I wish I can go down on you and make you get a taste of heaven.”

She claimed that while she was at his lessons, he would text her to say: “open your legs, so I can have a peek.”

The young lady said she never replied to his messages.

Earlier in the week, another alleged victim, Melissa Atwell, told News Room that Jackson invited her to his house on Durban Street, Georgetown and made a sexual proposal to her in exchange for exam questions in advance when she was just 17-years-old.

Atwell, who is now in her early 30s, told News Room that after she refused the teacher’s advances, he then proposed that they enter a “relationship” and that no one has to know.

Jackson has since denied having sexual relations with his students but admitted to having intimate relations with two former students of the school, one of whom he’s currently in a relationship with.

Jackson is under investigation by the Ministry of Education and was sent on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

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