Cops assault woman at Police Station, Commander flip-flops on issue


By Leroy Smith

A woman who visited the Wismar Police Station in Linden to make an assault report against the father of her child, who is also a policeman, ended up suffering another round of assault, this time by two ranks on duty at the time.

Valicia Richardson was beaten with a mop stick, suffered several cuts and bruises as a result of being chucked, tossed to the ground and had her wig ripped off. Her cell phone was also damaged during the assault.

Richardson told News Room that on the evening of November 6, 2017, she and her child’s father had a misunderstanding after which he left for the Wismar Police Station where he is stationed as a Police Constable.

Valicia Richardson suffered injuries to her neck

The woman said that when she arrived at the location, she attempted to make a report against the man and the ranks on duty attempted to discourage her from lodging the report.

Richardson said even though she maintained that she wanted to make the report, the ranks continued to pressure her, during which she became annoyed and “raised” her voice against them.

News Room understands that a female police rank allegedly pushed Richardson out of the police station and reportedly told her she had no authority to “raise” her voice inside the station.

It is further alleged that another female rank reportedly chucked Richardson to the ground and one of them then used a mop stick and dealt the woman several lashes to the body.

But the female ranks have alleged that Richardson is the one who assaulted them; they claimed that she received the wound to her head after she [Richardson] walked into the gate of the police station.

Commander flip-flops

On November 21, 2017, News Room contacted Commander of the Division, Senior Superintendent Fizal Karimbaksh, who said he was not aware of the incident and that he never engaged any police rank or civilian on such a matter.

Her cell phone was also damaged

News Room decided to contact the Commander again today, Thursday, 23 November 2017 where he denied knowledge of the incident.

However, after the Commander was informed that Richardson spoke to the News Room and said she had met with him [Commander], he then recalled dealing with the matter.

Commander Karimbaksh told News Room that he held a confrontation with the parties involved and he instructed that an investigation is launched.

Commander Fizal Karimbaksh

However, today, he could not say if the investigation is being handled by the division which he has supervisory control over or if the investigation is being handled by the Office of Professional Responsibility in Georgetown.

Richardson told News Room that when she met with the Commander in his office, he laughed at her in the presence of other ranks.

As such, the woman said she told the Commander she is not optimistic that justice will be served and he reportedly told her: “That is your opinion”.

Commander Karimbaksh, however, denied that he laughed at the woman.

Meanwhile, a senior officer at the Police Office of Professional Responsibility indicated to the News Room that the matter is under investigation.

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