Media operatives robbed of $500,000 in items


Three persons were this afternoon robbed of items totaling some $500,000 after their motor vehicle, PWW 2793 was broken into at Battery road, Kingston Georgetown between 15:45hrs and 16:15hrs on Saturday afternoon.

News Room’s cameraman, Akeem Thomas, who was one of the victims, lost his laptop valuing some $320,000, three 64GB memory cards, 3 hard drives, a camera flash, $20,000 and a battery.

NCN’s Information Technology officer, Thameshwar Ramcharran and TVG’s reporter, Ramona Luthi lost items totaling $153,000 along with identification cards, bank cards and other personal documents.

The trio ventured to the location for a photoshoot and was only gone for 30 minutes when the items went missing.

Anyone with information relating to the missing items, is asked to contact telephone numbers 6436554/6848887/6822413 or the nearest police station.

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