Director of Sport issues warning to sport associations


By Treiston Joseph 

Director of Sport Christopher Jones on Friday dropped the hammer on local sport association representatives who believe they might get a free ride in 2018 with the new budget in sight. 

Speaking at an event at the National Track and Field Centre, Leonora, Jones pinpointed that only two associations- the Guyana Hockey Board and the Guyana Squash Association- have complied with the National Sports Commission’s requests in order to receive funding. 

 “You guys (media) will know what’s going on with funding, taking into account that in 2015 we launched the athletes database, but the only way you could populate a database is if the relevant associations submit the information on their athletes. Many of the associations, I would say about 80% of associations/federations, have not submitted that information. 

“So what is going to happen in 2018 in order for us to populate that database, no federation/association will receive funding unless the information on the respective athletes (is) submitted into the data, that is another criteria we are going to put in place,” Jones stressed. 

Jones also revealed that the associations are yet to share their 2018 plans, especially with regards to participating in international events. This, he related, will make funding difficult to receive because of the ad hoc manner in which some associations operate with regards to requesting funds for international trips. 

Further, Jones highlighted that a number of infrastructural development projects will form part of the budget allocation as the National Sports Commission and the Department of Sport aim to improve the quality of facilities.

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