Court Clerks put smile on faces of fire victims


Lloyd Moore, his son and two grandchildren are presently living in a shack on the corner of the Rose Hall Town Public Road, selling herbs to make ends meet.

The family’s home was destroyed in a fire on October 23, 2017.

Moore related that despite the challenges being meted out to him by the Mayor and Town Council of Rose Hall, he is doing his best to make ends meet and is saving money to buy a plot of land to rebuild his home.

“All I want now is the council to give me some time to elevate myself because I am trying my sister, I am trying my brother, I saving little by little but I can’t buy a land but I am trying cause Rome wasn’t build in a day, it took years to build,” he said during a visit to his current home by Court Clerks of the Eight Magisterial district.

The Clerks visited Moore to assist the family in whatever way possible, to put a smile on their faces during this Christmas season. Among items donated were clothing, food supply and cash.

Upon their arrival, the Clerks were greeted with much appreciation from the single father who takes care of his two grandchildren.

His eldest son, who was also present at the time, could not hold back tears as he expressed how grateful he is for the help they received.

“To be honest thanks for everything you know,” he said.


Clerk of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, Sharron Correia

Clerk of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, Sharron Correia, who was part of the visiting team, disclosed that she and the other clerks wanted to give back during the Christmas season when they came across the Moore family.


She added that she suffered a similar situation earlier in the year and lost her grandmother in the process.

Correira, who was very emotional, told reporters that “looking back at that day, it brought back memories of what I went through, so I thought it best to give back to him because I know what it is like.”

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