GTT internet cable reportedly damaged


The main cable which provides the Guyana Telephone Telegraph company (GTT) with the internet has developed some faults and the company has reverted to the old terrestrial route to supply the country with the service.

News Room was reliably informed that the damaged cable is estimated 40km off the coast of Guyana. News Room understands that GTT is currently running on part of the old terrestrial route, Americas II and backup out of Suriname. This means that there is currently no redundancy and should there be any failures, Guyana can be without internet.

News Room contacted the Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Russel Davis, who said he is unaware of any such reports, however, high-level sources at GTT have confirmed that the damage was discovered sometime last week.  Reports reaching News Room indicated that GTT is attempting to cover-up the issue, even as a high-level meeting is currently ongoing to rectify the situation.

With the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Guyana, more companies will potentially develop their own cables which can see the prices for internet service reduced. GTT currently holds the monopoly of the market.

Minister of Telecommunications, Cathy Hughes told the National Assembly today that a new deadline has been set for full liberalization of the sector. Hughes said the telecommunications sector should be fully liberalised by the first quarter in 2018.

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