‘Unabated assault on sugar workers’ – Opposition MP scolds Gov’t


Opposition Parliamentarian Dr Frank Anthony opened day two of the national budget debates in the National Assembly by lambasting the government for its “unabated assault” on the sugar industry, where thousands of workers are set to lose their jobs by year-end.

“Those innocent sugar workers and their families will become collateral damage in a spate of political vindictiveness. Is this the APNU+AFC good life? I shudder to think what next year would bring when thousands of workers are kicked off the estates,” Dr Anthony said to the government parliamentarians.

Deeming next year as the “year of retrenchment”, the former Culture Minister quizzed the administration on its plan for the workers who will be on the breadline.

“Is there a plan to train the sugar workers, to help them find new jobs, to give the sugar workers soft loans to start a business or land on estates? Where are these plans? Is there a social net to help these families transition through these difficult times?” Dr Anthony asked.

He lamented that there are members in the government who consider themselves “champions of sugar workers” but those very “champions” are sitting idly by while the thousands of sugar workers are worrying about what their next move will be.

“What are they championing now? Some of them are enjoying nice perks and fat salaries,” the Opposition Parliamentarian said.

Dr Anthony is urging the government ministers to visit the communities, the affected families and listen to their concerns.

“Perhaps good sense will prevail in the government,” he stated.

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