Update: Security Guard admits to gruesome murder of Berbice Waitress


Less than one day after her half-naked body was found floating in a trench, a 38-year-old man has admitted to the gruesome murder of 22-year-old Marrisa Fraser.

According to a police report, the man is among three suspects who are in custody. Police say he is a Security Guard by profession and resides at Number 4 Village, West Coast Berbice – the same village as Fraser.

Police sources have since indicated to News Room that Fraser and the suspect shared an intimate relationship and on Sunday night (December 3), the suspect saw Fraser imbibing with a male taxi driver at the Ebenezer Hot Spot and Beer Garden at Lot 18 Rosignol Stelling Road, West Bank Berbice.

In admitting to the crime, the suspect told detectives that he became jealous and stalked her until she was alone. News Room understands that sometime around 1 in the morning on Monday, the suspect saw Fraser and offered her a ride home and she accepted.

However, he demanded that they have sex but she refused during which a scuffle ensued and he stabbed her several times. News Room had earlier reported that the taxi driver was also taken into custody. News Room understands that the owner of the bar, where Fraser worked, said that she visited the bar at about 21:00hrs the night before she was found dead. He said she was in a 212 motorcar and appeared to be under the influence.

According to the bar owner, Fraser drank one beer and at about 21:30hrs, she left in the said motor car heading west of the Rosignol Stelling Road. The next morning at about 6:30hrs, a cane cutter discovered the half-naked, motionless body of Fraser floating in a nearby trench at Number 5 village.

Her body bore several stab wounds, including to the left elbow, her left ear, behind left temple area, on the left side neck, her upper lip, her right side face, three to her abdomen, her left side inner hand, and her left side breast.

The suspected murder weapon – a scissors – was found several feet away in a pool of blood. The body is at the Fort Wellington Hospital awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.

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