Deplorable road frustrates Nooten Zuil residents


Residents of the Nooten Zuil south sideline dam on the East Coast of Demerara are calling on the authorities to repair the huge potholes on the road. They told News Room today that it is difficult for them to access transportation for their agriculture produce while sick persons are left stranded since taxis refuse to traverse the area.

The residents said the road has been in this condition for years but the Neighbourhood Democratic Council has not made any effort to fix it.

“This is the main road and we really need it done because you will get a serious accident,” one resident said. Another pointed out that “some places, the vehicles can’t pass and maintenance of a vehicle is very expensive.”

One woman related that her mother-in-law was sick earlier this week and the taxis refused to visit the home to take her to the hospital due to the damage their vehicles sustain from the deplorable road.

“It is so bad, it damages their tyres, it damages the bottom of their vehicles so the drivers don’t want to go in.”

Another man, who usually pulls a cart to transport his cash crop produce to the public road before it is transported to the market, said that too has become difficult.

“It punishes me to bring the load out to the road and me sick and can’t able do it.”

Two residents related that they visited the Village Council this morning and was told that machinery will be sent to fix the problem. However, it was noted this has always been the promise of the NDC but nothing is done.

Meanwhile, residents of High Palm Road, South Ruimveldt Gardens are also calling on the authorities to fix their road. It was noted that the road is being destroyed by machinery which is currently building a playground in the area.

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