Body of unidentified woman found in Muslim cemetery


By Leroy Smith

Detectives in ‘C’ Division were up to press time conducting investigations into the circumstances surrounding the discovery of a woman’s body.

The discovery was made this morning at a gated cemetery at Beterverwagting, which is controlled by the Muslim community.

The remains of the woman, who is so far unidentified, appear to have been there for some time now as most of her face seems to have decayed.

She was found lying face up on the cemetery with her blue jeans pulled down with her hand resting on her stomach.

The ethnicity of the woman is not known at this point.

When the News Room visited the scene this morning, persons who traverse the area were heard commenting that they have noticed the gate to the cemetery, which is usually locked, has been opened for some time now.

They all expressed alarm at the discovery since according to them, the cemetery is only opened when burials are being done at the location or if the place is being weeded.

The stretch of the road which runs parallel to the cemetery has been under construction for some time now and was only recently reopened.

At the crime scene this morning, Commander of the Division, Steven Mansell, told the News Room that detectives will be working around the clock to identify the woman and when that is done, the person or persons who are responsible for her death, if it is found that foul play is suspected, will be sought and brought to justice.

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