Police called in to remove PPP Parliamentarian from House


Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland today called in the police to remove People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Parliamentarian, Bishop Juan Edghill from the National Assembly.

The drama unfolded in the House when the Speaker asked Edghill to sit and he refused. As the police arrived, other PPP Parliamentarians surrounded him, preventing the cops from removing Edghill.

The Sergeant at Arms stands to next to Edghill as he refused to be removed

The Speaker initially asked the Sergeant at Arms to remove Edghill but they were unable to do so. As such, the police were called him.

Edghill described the move as “political victimization.” The Speaker has since suspended the House until the order to remove Edghill is carried out.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman is at the Parliament Buildings, assisting with the removal of the Parliamentarian.

Edghill remains surrounded by his colleagues, who are singing songs of ‘democracy and human rights.’

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