MP Manickchand reportedly punched by cops


Opposition Parliamentarian Priya Manickchand was allegedly punched in her stomach as more police were called in to remove her colleague Bishop Juan Edghill based on orders by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Dr Barton Scotland in the National Assembly today.

The police, led by Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman, stormed for Edghill while he surrounded by his fellow Parliamentarians and during the process, Manickchand began to cry and scream; the police retreated as Edghill remained grounded in his seat.

Manickchand, in tears, claimed she was punched in her stomach and her chest by the Police who were trying to push their way through the human barricade formed around Edghill.

Edghill, in an interview with the media, declared that he is being harassed by the police.

“I am being harassed as an elected member of the National Assembly, I stood up to ask a question and I was shut down by the Speaker,” he stated.

Edghill contended that the police officers are acting on “political instructions.”

The police remain at Parliament Buildings to remove Edghill.

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