Parliamentarian arrested outside Public Buildings


Surrounded by scores of policemen, People’s Progressive Party Parliamentarian, Bishop Juan Edghill was this morning prevented from entering the Public Buildings, an instruction which was reportedly given by Speaker of the House, Dr Barton Scotland.

Upon Edghill’s arrival at the entrance of Brickdam and High Street, a traffic rank informed the Parliamentarian that he received instructions not let him pass through the barricades.

Edghill then asked to speak to a senior officer and subsequently third in command of the ‘A’ Division, Superintendent Azore, informed him that the Police Force is following the instructions of the Speaker.

Edghill told reporters that he and his family have been under surveillance since yesterday and he was obstructed several times on his way to Parliament.

Edghill then asked the senior cop under what law he is being prevented from entering the public buildings, however, Senior Superintendent Azore literally backed away from Edghill without answering following which Senior Superintendent Anthony Vanderhyden engaged the Parliamentarian.

“Have I committed a crime? If I’ve committed a crime, please arrest me, charge me and prosecute me for that crime and until such a time that I have not committed a crime, I am prepared to stand as an elected representative of the people and defend the people of Guyana,” Edghill told the cops.

Edghill was subsequently arrested and escorted to enter a police vehicle, which he refused and opted to walk to the Brickdam police station, which is a few blocks away.

Walking with Edghill to the Brickdam Police Station was PPP Parliamentarian and former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, who questioned under what grounds his colleague was arrested.

“The Speaker in his personal capacity, the Clerk in his personal capacity, and all those who are part of this illegal design to unlawfully detain Bishop Juan Edghill, and wrongfully arrest him, will have to answer in the courts.

“This is false imprisonment, this is violation of constitutional right to liberty, this is wrongful of arrest…” the former Attorney General said.

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