3 arrested in Agricola house after robbing minibus passengers


Three persons were arrested after robbing passengers and the driver of a Route 42 minibus at Middle Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara earlier today, Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

The police in a statement noted that the suspects entered the minibus at the Stabroek Market square at about 10:00hrs and as the vehicle approached McDoom, EBD, they requested that the vehicle stop at Middle Street for them to disembark.

Having exited the vehicle, one of the suspects drew a handgun and the men relieved the driver of $4,000 and the other victims of two cellular phones and their handbags.

The suspects were pursued by a passing police patrol commanded by a Police Corporal and were arrested in a house at Second Street, Agricola, EBD.

The police said that on entering the home, the suspect, who was in possession of the firearm, “was comfortably covered with a sheet, pretending to be sleeping whilst the others in whose possession the stolen items were found, were relaxing as if nothing ever happened.”

An unlicensed revolver, which was allegedly used in the commission of the crime, was recovered from one of the suspects along with four live matching rounds in its chambers.

Several items stolen from the victims have also been recovered; those included two shoulder bags and two purses.  The police said one of the suspects has been implicated in a similar robbery that occurred recently.

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