Qualfon employee’s face was crushed – PME report


Eighteen-year-old Raynelle Benfield, the Qualfon employee who was found dead in a cemetery on the East Coast Demerara on Monday was not raped, however, a post-mortem examination found that she died from severe injuries to her face, which was caused by a blunt object.

The post-mortem was performed by government pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh. The News Room was told that there are no other marks of violence on the woman’s body.

The police in ‘C’ Division, however, continue to carry out their investigations into the circumstances surrounding the death of the young lady whose remains were found in the cemetery at Beterverwagting on the East Coast of Demerara early Monday morning, after she left work on Saturday.

Up to press time today, the police still had in their custody her boyfriend and four other young men from the East Coast as they seek to determine who is responsible for the woman’s murder.

On the night she was last seen alive, the teen was on the East Coast bus park liming with a male friend and together they joined a minibus and headed towards the East Coast of Demerara. The woman reportedly stopped out at the Beterverwagting main road and proceeded to walk through the street to head home, while the young man continued his journey further up the east coast.

News Room understands that the police do not have any leads at this point in time but are working around the clock to bring some level of closure to the family of the teenager.

Thus far, the family is not too keen to speak to the media and has indicated that they are allowing the police to conduct their investigation.

News Room understands that Benfield’s relatives did not view her absence from home as anything alarming; they were under the impression that she was working overtime. Benfield’s body was found lying between two tombs in the cemetery with her face smashed in and her pants partially pulled down.

Persons in the community indicated that the young lady started working at Qualfon recently after leaving school.

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