Seebarran confident of ending season on a high


By Avenash Ramzan

Easy Cup Light top performer Raymond Seebarran is confident of finishing the season on a high note when he competes at this weekend’s Georgetown Grand Prix Final Showdown at GT Motorsports.

Seebarran’s consistent appearances on the podium has placed him in a prime position to cop the overall title in the Easy Cup Light, which he is leading in terms of points accumulated so far for 2017.

Speaking on his preparations for this weekend, Seebarran said he is getting to that place where he is confident of once again placing on the podium.

“It’s (preparation) going good so far; having a few technical difficulties with the kart handling wise, but I should get that sorted out for Saturday. (My) timings so far are pretty good; consistent,” Seebarran noted.

Seebarran said there is one area that he is looking to improve on in the coming days to ensure he is perfectly poised to be the man to beat.

“Definitely my lap times. I need to get down into 36 seconds; I’m like about flat 37s right now, but a few adjustments to my routine and I’ll get it,” Seebarran said. “Definitely I’ll be on the podium, but really and truly I’m fighting for that first place (overall) because I’m currently in the lead in the Easy Cup Light championship points and I’m looking to close the year as the champion there.”

Seebarran has been one of the consistent performers at the Georgetown Grand Prix, finishing in the top three on almost every occasion in the Easy Cup Light category. He spoke of the reasons for his success this season.

“It’s a lot of hard work and also love of the sport. I’ve been driving since I was 8-9 years old so this has been in me ever since, but it’s all about hard work and practice. Once you put your mind to something you could get it done,” the driver stated.

Sponsored by BM Soat Auto Sales and Ray’s One Stop Auto Parts, Seebarran said he is enthused by the initiative by GT Motorsports host the Georgetown Grand Prix, giving local drivers a chance to compete against overseas karters.

And on his plans for 2018 after capturing a total of 27 trophies at GT Motorsports and the South Dakota Circuit in 2017, Seebarran said. 

“2018 is going to be completely different. I currently race a car up South Dakota also- it’s going to have a brand new engine inside. New year I won’t be racing in the Easy Cup Light anymore, I’ll be moving to the 125cc Seniors,” he revealed. 

The Georgetown Grand Prix Final Showdown is set for Saturday December 16 from 18:00h at GT Motorsports. Karters from Guyana will take on competitors from Barbados, Canada, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. 

Among the categories to be contested are Easy Cup Rookie, Easy Cup Light, Easy Cup Heavy, 125cc Junior, 125cc Senior and Shifter Pro Cup. Admission to the venue is $1,000 for adults, $500 for children and $6,000 VIP.

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